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Agenda Verseau — Amfora Agendo) —


ENGLISH VERSION — Data: 05.07.2012

AQUARIAN AGENDA: Coordinative Document for the voluntary self-convergence of individual and organized groups actions on the implementation on Earth (Gaia) of the 16 (sixteen) “Aquarian Nations Without Borders” or “Planetary Nations”, in the form of 16 (sixteen) World Networks of Aquarian Stations, in a complementary perspective, pacifist, humanitarian, cooperative and non-confrontational with the system currently adopted in the world and internationally recognized by the United Nations (UN) and by all the people and cultures on Earth.

22 Guidelines and the 16 Aquarian Nations Without Borders (Planetary Nations)

Last update of this document: 05.07.2012

The present web site discloses and keeps available to the world community the updated content of the international document AQUARIAN AGENDA, together with its PERMANENT ATTACHED document entitled WORLD NETWORK OF AQUARIAN STATIONS (Planetary Nations or Aquarian Nations Without Borders), always in Brazilian Portuguese, from which other versions have been obtained, corrected and improved.

THE AQUARIAN AGENDA is an extrasensory originated document, enlightened, according to its anonymous channellers, by the Masters KUTHUMI (Ramatis), SAINT GERMAIN and HILARION, as well by MARY OF NAZARETH. It has been compiled and published out of several voluntary contributions, over a few years since 1998, especially due the support of AURORA NETWORK, one of the 16 World Networks of Aquarian Stations, committed to the perspective revealed by the AQUARIAN AGENDA.

Eventual adjustments in the Aquarian Agenda and its annex will always be done in Brazilian Portuguese and then, translated into other languages, always by the INTERNATIONAL MANAGING GROUP OF THE AQUARIAN AGENDA WEBSITE, based in Brazil. Contacts by e-mail: .

THE AQUARIAN AGENDA gathers 22 (twenty-two) “guidelines” or ACTION VECTORS, responsible for the articulation or          convergence of the actions undertaken, in a global network, by all the planetary Aquarian community, in all the continents, although without a formal leadership of any sort or nature.

The attached document, WORLD NETWORK OF AQUARIAN STATIONS, presents the 16 (sixteen) keywords or “referential words” related to each one of the future “Aquarian Nations Without Borders” or “Planetary Nations”, nicknames given to the 16 (sixteen) WORLD NETWORKS OF AQUARIAN STATIONS  which, according to the communicant Intelligences, are in the process of self identification worldwide, starting even from nowadays shelter places or refuges, ecovillages, ecocities, intentional communities, observatories, retreats, homesteads and ecological farms, organic depots, UFOs study bases, spiritualist colonies and alternative centers in general, among many others similar urban and rural initiatives worldwide.

Since 2008, each one of the 16 keywords has been, finally, linked to a specific RADIONIC DIAGRAM, that is, to a MESSAGE or particular GRAPHIC ENCODING, that should serve as the basis for the design process of the respective type of Aquarian settlement.

The idea is that the propagation of the AQUARIAN AGENDA, within the various languages, can be done worldwide with a minimum of coherence. It is worth mentioning that the INTERNATIONAL MANAGING GROUP OF THE AQUARIAN AGENDA WEBSITE is an informal organization, which does not pay its (all volunteer) staff, and is not responsible for the content of the AQUARIAN AGENDA and its PERMANENT ATTACHED document, but so only for the translations, adjustments, editions and publications on this present website: .

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United by the heart, all members of the growing Aquarian family, in loving synergy of purposes, since the highest planes of Conscience, coordinate their superior will and practical actions to precipitate in the physicality, since now, the AQUARIAN CIVILIZATION on GAIA (planet Earth) so that this corner of the infinite may become, like many other worlds, a place of peace, of real physical and spiritual prosperity, of truth to each other, and absolutely openness to the Infinite Cosmos, reason why, in common agreement, and based on fraternal goodwill and full of respect to the civilization which is now ending its cycle, establish in a planetary level, and beyond all frontiers, internal and external to the being, the following 22 (twenty-two) guidelines to coordinate the work and dedication of all the LIGHT WORKERS:

Guideline 01
To conceive, implant, develop and maintain, throughout the world, and according to 16 (sixteen) different typologies (see ANNEX), thousands of agroecological settlements that may follow from purely linear to radio-concentric shaped designed structures (mandalas-like), or even more complex patterns, to be located on geographically isolated sites and above 720 meters over the present sea level, placed on watersheds, on top of hills, mountain ranges, plateaus or natural amphitheaters, always using the technique of terracing, through retaining walls, aiming for a precise definition of its vibrational limits and geometric characteristics as cell units of the 16 WORLD NETWORK OF AQUARIAN STATIONS (Aquarian Nations Without Borders) that, at all, must avoid coastal maritime areas, even if mountainous, as well as river banks, lakes or ponds, the middle of forests, native or otherwise, and seismic regions of great destructive potential;

Guideline 02
To perform those settlements as agroecological cells (isolated and self-determined as independent cells), functioning as planet-wide NETWORKS, and, as much as possible, compromised with local and bioregional realities and their native populations. In these settlements it should be practiced intercropping, and the so called “food-gardening” of edible and phytotherapeutic plants, in a radical replacing of monocultures and massive food production, and, on the other hand, it should be practiced the extensive planetary reforestation;

Guideline 03
Each one of the 16 WORLD NETWORKS (Aquarian Nations Without Borders) should possess collective owning of the lands and any improvement made on them, and provide multiple ways or modalities of adhesion while the current cultural and social system still prevails; also they shall abdicate from the institute of private property over the lands and its improvements, as well as territorial borders in all scales, adopting in its place a system of shared jurisdiction of humanitarian and ecological responsibilities, providing for civil defense and help to refugees, always in NETWORKS;

Guideline 04
The mentioned settlements, so called “Aquarians”, shall be established according to structures which provide for the single-family model of social and community organization. Children from the age of seven to eight years old, should live in common housings, separated by gender, under the guidance of the parents and the community, following the paradigms of education and formation to communal living in WORLD NETWORKS, where the traditional school disappears and a new system of master-disciple relationship is put in place, a system of interactivity based on common interests and specialized learning spaces, and adapted to the phases of growth of the child and youth;

Guideline 05
All the elders and temporary or permanently impaired people should be welcomed by the community, according to the orientations set by each NETWORK. Everybody put themselves as Mothers or Fathers, Aunts or Uncles, Grandmothers or Grandfathers, Daughters or Sons of one another, in a world scale. The interchange between the NETWORKS should occur to assist cases identified as of particular complexity;

Guideline 06
For the maintenance and recovery of health, each one, the communities in general, and all the WORLD NETWORKS should increasingly use vibrational, natural and energetic therapies, as well as use extrasensory techniques to look for alternatives based on non-physical technologies, or, in any case, universal, including the assistance of extra-physical intelligences, or intelligences remotely located in terms of space-time, and also practice self-cure from internal resources;

Guideline 07
Individual, communities and the NETWORKS in general, shall increasingly transcend their needs for old, traditional or modern religious practices; but shall celebrate birth and passing (natural death of the physical body), study and practice meditation, contemplation and directed creativity (dance, music, art applied in general utilities and technological development); as well as master extra-physical consciousness and the direct or extra-sensorial experience with non-terrestrial intelligences or aliens, as well as with non-physical intelligences, belonging to all universal Nature kingdoms;

Guideline 08
The people shall not raise animals for slaughter, human consumption of meat or other animal derivatives, nor for labor, experiments, entertaining or companionship; but shall care, on the wild, for the fauna, flora and landscape, while eating a mainly frugivorous and raw food diet, organically and locally produced;

Guideline 09
The people shall creatively and inventively, in the short and medium terms, use multiple alternative sources of renewable and low-impact energy, while also dedicating themselves to the development of metasciences such as Radionics, Psychotronics and Instrumental Transcommunication, as well as having experiences on the Ufology sphere, within its various aspects and international fronts of action or dedication, also seeking to break the constraints imposed by the officious politics of cover-up, generally maintained for shady purposes, of the extra and intra-terrestrial presence on Earth since ancient times;

Guideline 10
The people shall not generate surplus for commercialization, nor will industrialize goods and utilities, but rather openly exchange among them experiments, inventions, discoveries, knowledge, patents in general, models, projects, prototypes, materials, seeds and saplings of common interest. Spreading knowledge and solutions, rather than products, that ensure to other communities and other WORLD NETWORKS a healthy interdependence and increasing levels of cooperation;

Guideline 11
Each community (Station) of each one of the 16 WORLD NETWORKS shall locate themselves in geographic sites above a minimum of 720 meters over the present sea level, particularly in meadow regions, that way avoiding environmental damage to forests and woods, and shall not grow (swell), but rather multiply themselves as cells, organized in NETWORKS on a WORLDWIDE scale, with settlements planned to house a minimum of 170 and a maximum of 710 fixed dwellers, on average, but with capacity to hold up to 10% of excess population, to be capable of housing people in regional or global transit;

Guideline 12
The people shall not share to ideals linked to purposes aimed on the implementation of a central government, unique and planetary, but rather seek self-government on the individual and human communities organized in NETWORKS levels, also having local, regional, continental, hemispheric and planetary meetings to ensure the necessary harmony among all the NETWORKS and their relationship with Planet Gaia (Earth) and the Life;

Guideline 13
The people shall not serve political-partisanship or paramilitary causes of any kind or nature, but rather work cooperatively to the practical development of new possibilities for ourselves and for everyone, accepting the death of the current civilization and its values, practices and institutions as a process just as natural as needed for the human spiritual progress;

Guideline 14
The people shall seek, for each Aquarian Station and for all the 16 WORLD NETWORKS, increasingly levels of self-determination, self-sufficiency and self-subsistence towards the existing model, that is already inadequate to the current levels of consciousness that are increasingly likely to manifestation in Gaia (Earth), generation after generation;

Guideline 15
All the 16 WORLD NETWORKS will be increasingly partisan of the intensive and experimental development of light flying crafts, focusing, in the short term, for hand-made solutions that may  permit vertical landing and take-off, and will seek to use airships (dirigible balloons) and rotary-wing light aircrafts, among other means, as a mode of transportation on the planetary interconnection of all the NETWORKS among themselves, until other technologies (volitors, vimanas and related) become available, in this way setting aside the modes of transportation based on roads, railways and on the use of ships;

Guideline 16
Each WORLD NETWORK shall guarantee to its dwellers their right to move at free will to all parts of Gaia (Earth) through the settlements which form the WORLD NETWORK chosen by each one, and to exchange experiences with the dwellers of other NETWORKS through the interchange of talents, services and knowledge of common interest, or even through the implantation of common interest settlements to all WORLD NETWORKS, managed and maintained cooperatively, which aim specific purposes or special activities, including BEACONS of geodesic interest and air and spatial navigation; LIGHTHOUSES of ecological and forest monitoring and rescue of life sustainability processes on Gaia (Earth); WAREHOUSES for the sharing of eventual production surpluses and support to joint missions or pilgrims groups of moving constructors; CENTERS for manufacturing, technological initiatives incubation and advanced research ; COLONIES for reception, emergency care and intensive training of refugees in general; and BASES or interplanetary bases complex of open access even to non-terrestrial beings;

Guideline 17
Each WORLD NETWORK may adopt, in the course of time, its own type of clothing and shoes, as well as, collectively, set up a dress code which will identify specific roles or specialties played by its members, temporary or permanently;

Guideline 18
Elders, women and men, shall be increasingly recognized in the roles of local referees and legislators, being incumbent to community themselves, and to the WORLD NETWORKS gathered in assembly, conflicts or demands solution and decisions on their own evolution processes and the global community ones; 

Guideline 19
There shall be no territorial boundaries of any sort, but rather only delimitation of ecological and environmental responsibility jurisdictions in NETWORK, also for the common management of natural resources while demands for them cannot be replaced by other solutions or even eliminated. Alternative means, conventional or not, of electrical energy generation, traction, transportation, communications, materials in general, and of individual and collective health recovery, among other resources, will lovingly and generously be shared among all the WORLD NETWORKS through common procedures to be established in due time;

Guideline 20
Local, regional, continental, hemispheric and global summits will mark the meetings between the NETWORKS and their communities, always striving for the promotion of fraternity, for the appropriate conditions to the full manifestation of life in all its expressions and for the mutual cooperation among all;

Guideline 21
The 16 WORLD NETWORKS - generically denominated ARAMAS, a term which means brotherhood - shall adopt a common name for the Planet Earth, such as GAIA, and will adopt the ethnonym of IAMASSI for all residents in any one of the 16 “Aquarian Nations”, while maintaining the best relationship of respect and cooperation with aliens in general, as well as with intelligences without physical bodies in our space-time dimension, for the utmost good of all hierarchies of the Human Reign, represented or not in Gaia. They shall cooperate, whenever requested, with individuals, groups and isolated or nomad camps that, for some reason, have encountered difficulties in finding themselves among the 16 WORLD NETWORKS OF AQUARIAN SETTLEMENTS (“Aramas”, or “Aquarian Nations Without Borders”, or even “Planetary Nations”), during, or even after the events related to the collapse phase of the current cultural model, as a stage of the Pisces-Aquarius Transition;

Guideline 22
All the settlements, of all the 16 WORLD NETWORKS OF AQUARIAN STATIONS (“Aquarian Nations” or ARAMAS), shall keep within their facilities adequate landing and manifestation sites for non-terrestrial transportation equipment (vimanas, igaimans, volitors, chalandras, amacês and cassandras in general) coming from any outer space cultural system or linked to other celestial bodies with which each community comes into contact physically or hiper-physically, placing GAIA and her people again within the higher realms of the ONE Cosmic Consciousness as a WHOLE with its particular HUMAN expression, as not only a terrestrial phenomenon but rather as a universal cosmological and celestial reality, regardless of the morphological aspects of the physical and non-physical expressions of the actors involved in the process.

Permanent Annex - Necessary Introduction

Permanent Annex - Necessary Introduction
16 Aquarian Nations Without Borders (Planetary Nations)

Last update of this annex: 07.05.2012

The listing below shows the 16 WORLD NETWORKS of intentional peaceful, ecological, reincarnationist, transdimensional and interplanetary settlements (open to extra and intra-terrestrial beings, as well as space and hyper-physical civilizations so far still not recognized by the current generations and dominant culture), which shall inaugurate the AQUARIAN CIVILIZATION in Planet Gaia (Earth), from the fraternal and cooperative shelter of the remaining survivors of the PISCES-AQUARIUS process of transition.

Such 16 WORLD NETWORKS are the expression in Planet Gaia (Earth), and on the physical plane of manifestation, of the 16 Hierarchies, Orders, Families, Tribes, Phalanges or Fleets upon which are organized, by affinity, the people of Space and interplanetary of different origins, all represented within the so called EARTH PROJECT.

The mentioned 16 WORLD NETWORKS are in the process of self-creation and self-recognition, and the settlements currently being developed, mostly, still are not yet grouped (2012 DC) by affinity, and do not follow yet the characteristic pattern of each one of the 16 WORLD NETWORKS OF AQUARIAN STATIONS revealed by the AQUARIAN AGENDA. Many initiatives are yet dispersed and do not recognize themselves and each other, and do not know about the ties among them, although strongly linked in the more subtle planes of consciousness where their members remain more aware and less attached to the cultural values still dominant, individual and collectively.

The 16 WORLD NETWORKS – also called “Aquarian Nations Without Borders” or PLANETARY NATIONS – are listed below by 16 “keywords” or “mantric keys”, in the case, in Portuguese, that have been registered by several anonymous psychic sources.

In order to become known to each other, those NETWORKS should present themselves at the Internet with their own websites (.ORG) as well in social networks, in general. Besides presenting the Key (and respective pattern) they are tuned in, they shall also present, together with their introductions, an access link to this primary data source:

Formal communication with all self-identified NETWORKS would complete the process. In case of double or triple manifestation (of the same Key), the people involved shall themselves try to come to an agreement to overcome occasional impasse, doing all necessary adjustments including mergers, unfoldings, reassignments, plan revisions, among other cooperative and fraternal means.

There will not be a formal planetary nor international leadership, but only a NETWORK communication among each SELF-IDENTIFIED NETWORK leaderships instead. Any group in the process of SELF-IDENTIFICATION will be able to take part in the NETWORK discussions too. This fact will solidify, over time, the 16 future “Nations” that will have Planet Gaia (Earth) as their free common territory.

(World Networks of Aquarian Stations – Planetary Communities Without Borders)
01— ALPHA World Network of Aquarian Stations
02 — SOLAR World Network of Aquarian Stations
03 — GAMMA World Network of Aquarian Stations
04 — NATIVA World Network of Aquarian Stations
05 — LUZ World Network of Aquarian Stations
06 — CRISTALWorld Network of Aquarian Stations
07 — ARCO-ÍRIS World Network of Aquarian Stations
08 — AURORA World Network of Aquarian Stations
09 — MANDALA World Network of Aquarian Stations
10 — PLATINA World Network of Aquarian Stations
11 — RAMA World Network of Aquarian Stations
12 — SAFIRA World Network of Aquarian Stations
13 — LÓTUS World Network of Aquarian Stations
14 — ÓRION World Network of Aquarian Stations
15 — RUBI World Network of Aquarian Stations
16 — VIOLETA World Network of Aquarian Stations
("Nações Planetárias")

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Alpha (01)
Solar (02)
Gamma (03)
Nativa (04)
Luz (05)
Cristal (06)
Arco-Íris (07)
Aurora (08)
Mandala (09)
Platina (10)
Rama (11)
Safira (12)
Lótus (13)
Órion (14)
Rubi (15)
Violeta (16)

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